Electronic Publishing refers to the use of digital resources and equipments to create and disseminate information by electronic means.

Desktop publishing refers to the process of producing publications like cards, newsletters, brochures, etc, by designing their texts and graphics layout and inserting editing ,formatting and printing of text and graphical objects using publishing software installed on the computer or

Publishing is the process of producing publications like newspapers, cards, calendars, etc that have special texts and graphic layouts and designs

Desktop Publishing Software

This refers to an application software program that is used in the production and designing publications with advanced features and graphics by use of the computers

Examples of Electronic Publishing Software

*Microsoft Office Publisher
*Adobe InDesign
*Adobe Illustrator
*Corel Draw
*Prince XML
*Flip B
*In House Digital Publishing *Software.
*Page Flip
*Maul Publisher
*Page Plus
*Page Stream  

Examples of publications that can be produced by DTP

Business cards, Brochures, Identity cards, Flyers, Invitation cards, Certificates, Greeting cards, Banners, Post Cards, Labels, Newsletters, Calendars, Menus, Letterheads, Catalogs  

Features of desktop publishing software

  • Page layout: The ability to define the layout of a page using frames to place text and pictures.
  • Font and styles: A wide range of fonts and styles.
  • Drawing facilities: Some drawing facilities, although they may be limited.
  • Importing pictures and text: The ability to incorporate pictures and text from other packages into a document.
  • Clip art: A library of pictures for you to include in your document.
  • Accurate positioning: The ability to position objects extremely accurately on the page using guidelines or a grid.
  • Frame-This contains a variety of objects such as graphics, tables, text boxes which can be resized, moved and manipulated to suite the user needs.
  • Handles-They enable you resize your frame by clicking and dragging around them.
  • Template-These are pre-defined and pre-chosen design styles and formats that you can use.

Characteristics of Desktop Publishing Software

  • They have colour libraries.
  • They have drawing and picture editing tools.
  • They allow for colour separation.
  • They do high quality graphics work.

Advantages of electronic publishing

  • It is speedy and easily searchable.
  • Rapid communication between the participants on the network.
  • Electronic interaction with the buyer or user of an e-publication where the producer can collect valuable market research data very cheaply.
  • Lower costs of review to changes and additions.
  • E-publishing is accessible to all users regardless of a geographical location.
  • Saves time and storage as more information can be stored electronically than on paper

Disadvantages of electronic publishing

  • Computers may not be available everywhere.
  • Many people will need training to use the resource.
  • It requires computing equipment to use.
  • Publications may experience inconsistency of appearance between different computer architecture.
  • Update is not of all pages.

Areas of application areas/ uses of electronic publishing software

  • Used in designing email publishing content.
  • Producing electronic books
  • Producing electronic journals
  • Used in web publishing
  • Developing digital content

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